Music Composition in VR

  • Design a website for local networking group
  • Worked with a team to complete this project in 18 days
  • Tools: Figma, Google forms, Miro

Few projects I’ve worked on have resulted in as many joyful responses as this one. Something about the sounds used, or the physicality of the interactions, or both, has resulted in even the most stoic participant letting out an unexpected chortle. This project came about while taking Bolor Amgalan's Design Futures class in graduate school. While the project prompt tasked my team (Aamil Amin, Yihao Kong, and myself) with developing scenes for a speculative future, what resulted was a novel music composition experience for virtual reality. The slides below are taken from our presentation at the "Interventions: Ignite" conference in April of 2023.

Scroll down to see videos of our experience in action.

Environment 2

Creating a more deliberate composition

Environment 1

Exploring the sounds and how to activate them


Presenting at the "Interventions: Ignite" conference

Poster + Team

Poster + team (Left to right: Aamil Amin, myself, and Yihao Kong) at the "Interventions: Ignite" conference

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