Notational system for synthesizer timbres

  • Design a website for local networking group
  • Worked with a team to complete this project in 18 days
  • Tools: Figma, Google forms, Miro

For my final project for one of my grad school classes I developed a notational system for synthesizer timbres. This project was particularly interesting to me because there is no universal notation for synthesizer timbres, or timbres in general, but there are enough universal features across synthesizers that a notational system could actually work.

As Jeffrey G. Long wrote in his article Notational Systems and Cognitive Evolution on the importance of notational systems:

"Notational systems (which include language as an instance) are not just another tool: they seem to affect what we can see and think about, as well as how we calculate and communicate... what makes a notational system powerful is its ability to enable its users to see and utilize facets of reality that they literally had not been able to see before."
Unmodulated audio example
Modulated audio example

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