Wearable Tech for VR

  • Design a website for local networking group
  • Worked with a team to complete this project in 18 days
  • Tools: Figma, Google forms, Miro

Furthering my exploration of music and virtual reality, this project explores using wearable technology to allow users to play music from anywhere. Developed as a final project for Bolor Amgalan's Wearable Technology class, my teammate (Yihao Kong) and I spent over a month designing, prototyping, and iterating on a working proof of concept that explored how to use a glove to play music in VR. We collaborated on the overall experience and testing while I focused on designing the glove (3d printing, soldering, sewing) and my teammate wrote the code for Unity and the Arduino and built the environments.

Scroll down to see videos of our experience in action.

Two Rows

Exploring triggering 2 notes per finger

Single Row

Testing the prototype with one note per finger

Unity Build Process

This video highlights the different environments and interactions that my teammate Yihao Kong explored while writing the Unity and Arduino code

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